For the Curious and the Sure: The Canton Ghost Tour’s Walk Through a City’s Haunted History

Riverview Cemetery in Canton, GA


Canton Tour for Local Ghost Hunters and History Buffs

By a show of hands,” asks the Canton Ghost Tour’s  guide Leisa Wilkie, “how many people here believe in ghosts?” Of the small group gathered at dusk outside of the Canton Fire Department, a couple of arms go up in the air. “How many believe there’s no such thing?” she asks. A couple more hands are raised. And then comes her final inquiry: “How many of you are not sure?”  This is the question  that leads the group to a majority ruling of cautious uncertainty. Fortunately for the participants, Leisa’s tour of “haunted Canton” caters well to both the sure and the merely curious.   In fact, you needn’t be a believer in the paranormal to enjoy Leisa’s seamless integration of the historical value of the city’s downtown area. (This is not to say that you won’t be a converted believer by night’s end.)

Canton Ghost Tours

From left to right:  Ernest Hillard, Leisa  Wilkie, and Tammie Davis

“Spooky” is in the Details of Canton After Dark

The group’s flashlights illuminate the darkened Canton sidewalks that during the daylight seem comfortably innocuous, and common places where Canton residents  would usually drink their coffee, grab a bite to eat, or visit their lawyer’s office are suddenly assigned hair-raising anecdotes of apparitions and unexplained occurrences. Listeners’ ears perk up as Leisa relays eerie stories that have been both told and confirmed by the city’s history books, shopkeepers, families, and city workers.   Concluding at the Riverview Cemetery, the tour reminisces atop the graves of Canton’s most reputed (and ill-reputed) families while a tale is told of a statue that is said to shift her weight to rest on a different leg than the one startled onlookers observed  but a moment before. Whether skeptical or supposing,  all of Leisa’s guests  seem to throw prudent glances over their shoulders to ensure they are  indeed going home alone as they make their way to their cars.

Canton Ghost Tours

Canton Ghost Tour Information

Friday and Saturday Nights 8:00-9:45 p.m.
Children Ages 12 and under $10
Adults $15

Call 770-651-8901 with questions or email


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