Paul Thomas

Meet Paul:

35 plus years of sales and investment experience in commercial and residential real estate, including resort development, health care office and retail property use conversions and land acquisition. I have participated in numerous development projects including warehouses, maintenance facilities, light industrial buildings, public parks and municipal facilities. I have also successfully lead property redevelopment assemblage projects in both large urban downtown areas as well as outlying mixed use environments.

I enjoy and thrive on challenges that require thinking outside the box and have a history of dealing with problems and issues efficiently and effectively. Having worked for corporate America and the public sector, I have a unique insight into the profit vs public opinion mind set.

As a result of the experience and knowledge gained over the years, I have learned that attention to detail without losing sight of the end goal, dealing with situations immediately and effectively, communicating with all interested parties in a timely and forthright manner and treating everyone with respect are necessary and important keys to success.

My goal is to provide service that exceeds your expectations.

“Solving Problems Before They Become One”

Specialties: Residential investment property, Multi-Family, Office, Retail, and Special Use Properties and Assemblages